We take pride in sourcing the best quality ingredients that are organic, local, and support small business. Our 2 core ingredients, dates and almonds, are sourced from small family-owned farms here in Southern California.

George Yemetz: Yemetz Family Farms and Orchards, Livingston, CA

Yemetz Family Farms and Orchards -

Alvaro Bautista: Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch, Mecca, CA

Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch -


In an effort to minimize the waste created in making our products, we use the whole nut, skin and all. First, we make the almond milk. Rather than throwing away the almond meal once it’s been strained from the milk, which many big manufacturers do, we instead use the meal as the base of Blair’s Balls, creating a sustainable synergy in our products we are extremely proud of. We have started partnering with local juiceries to use their leftover nut meal in addition to our own, helping to spread the zero food waste movement across Los Angeles.