Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I've been known as 'the nut girl.' I was lucky enough to have a mother who packed me lunch every day growing up, which always included a peanut butter sandwich, no jelly (ever). Little did I know then that these 'Holly Cobb lunches' would stick with me for years to come.

As I got older and my tolerance for digesting peanuts worsened, coupled with an increasing intolerance to processed sugar, I switched to almonds as my nut of choice. Armed with a curiosity regarding the root of my food sensitivities, I began to notice all the additives in the food I was consuming~ in the form of sugar, preservatives, and a whole host of ingredients I couldn't even pronounce.

This curiosity led to me get a certificate in holistic health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition back in 2013. The education opened my eyes to the importance of eating whole foods and cooking with ingredients I could recognize, pronounce, and count on 2 hands. Armed with this knowledge, I've been focused on creating the best tasting nut-based snacks ever since.

With a professional background in corporate social responsibility, I am not only interested in creating healthy and delicious products, but building a company that thinks wholistically about the impact we can have on the world. From the ingredients we source, to the innovative models we use to avoid food waste, and eventually the all-female staff we will hire, Wholistic Nut aims to stand for something more than just our food.

What started out as a weekend hobby has become a full-fledged mission to share my love of clean and delicious eating with as many people as possible. My sincere hope is that you enjoy Wholistic Nut products as much as I do.

Thank you taking this journey with me.

Blair Eatroff
Founder & Chief Nut