How To Make Your Own Raw & Sprouted Almond Milk!

I've been making my own almond milk for years, and honestly at this point cannot imagine drinking anything boxed. Why? Well, first making your own almond milk ensures there are no preservatives or added ingredients. Second? The ratio of almonds to water is much higher when you make your own, which results in a much creamier and thicker milk than the boxed stuff.

Ever wonder why the nut milk you buy at the store tastes so watery? Well, because most national brands use 90% water and only 10% nuts. Yikes. The recipe I use calls for 33% almonds, so you can only imagine how much better it tastes!

And while making almond milk may sound jarring and difficult, I promise that once you do it, you'll be wondering why it took you so long to start!

Equipment needed: 

- A Vitamix or your favorite blender 

- An airtight container to store the milk in 

- A mixing bowl 

- A nut milk bag. It's finer than cheesecloth and much easier to use. I personally love Ellie's Best brand nut milk bag. Use promo code WHOLISTICNUT at checkout and save 10%


- 1 cup raw almonds soaked in water for 8 hours. This method is called 'sprouting,' which helps to release digestive enzymes in the nuts making them easier to digest. 

- 3 cups filtered water

- Pinch of sea salt 

- Dash cinnamon 

- 2 or 3 Medjool dates (optional for sweetness)



Pour all ingredients into your blender and mix for about 50-60 seconds until smooth. 

Pour the liquid into the nut milk bag over a bowl. Once all the liquid comes out, cinch the nut milk bag and begin squeezing out the remaining liquid. You'll be left with a nut milk bag full of fresh almond pulp which you can use for baking and cooking! I  see it as a great subsitute for any type of flour~ 

Pour the almond milk into an airtight container for 3-5 days. Great in coffee, oatmeal, or mixed with matcha or cacao powder for a yummy flavored drink.  

For video instructions, for you to make almond milk, check us out on Youtube!

Happy drinking!