Fueling Wholeness in Work & Life

I've been known as the 'nut girl' for the better part of my life. What started as an obsession for peanut butter growing up (my mom literally packed me a PB & No J sandwich every day until I graduated High School), slowly translated into business aspirations as I graduated college.

I remember applying for a sales job which required me to make a business plan. What did I come up with? A Baskin-Robbins meets Subway style nut butter store, where people could choose from a huge variety of nut butters, then customize their sandwich or plate 'their way' with a variety of toppings and sides. A scoop of peanut butter topped with shredded coconut and dark chocolate chips anyone?! 

The company I was applying to loved it, and sure enough, I got the job. And what did I do next? Put the business plan away and immediately put my focus back on climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. Something I would continue to do for the next 10 years of my life~ working in both advertising sales before shifting into corporate philanthropy. 

While I cultivated my love of nutrition and healthy cooking during that time, largely by visiting India which prompted me to get a certificate in Integrative Nutrition, it was always the thing I did 'over there.' The thing I did when I was not in the office focused on 'real' work, as defined by what made me money.

When I moved to Los Angeles about 2 years ago, something shifted. I was fortunate enough to translate my corporate philanthropy background into a consulting practice, giving me the flexibility to work with clients I love and have the time to explore other passions. I don't know how much of this shift was attributed to the more laid-back lifestyle of LA compared to NYC, but this black and white approach to thinking about work & play started to lessen. 

I began embracing the idea of starting Wholistic Nut not just as a business to 'make money,' but an outlet that tapped into a creative side of me that actually made me better at what I was doing with my philanthropic consulting. And I even though I feared my consulting clients seeing Wholistic Nut as a threat to my commitment to them, I found the opposite was true. They admired the passion & enthusiasm I had, and saw me as a more valuable asset because of it.

Rather than neglecting my background in sales and corporate philanthropy, I'm learning to embrace it. I see Wholistic Nut as a way to marry my passion of whole foods eating and professional expertise in social impact, striving to see how I can maximize my ability to connect with others while making a difference in the community around me. 

Over the past year, 3 key principles have become clear in terms of my goals with Wholistic Nut: 

1) Advocating for whole food health

2) Minimizing food waste by being more conscious of how we re-use food

3) Increasing access to whole foods & whole foods education to those in need

Wholistic Nut is a work in progress, and I'm learning a lot as I go. I plan to use this blog as a catch all of all things food, business, and the incredible people I'm meeting along the way. 

Thank you for taking this journey with me,

Blair Eatroff

Founder & Chief Nut